All Natural Deodorant Spray (8oz.)
All Natural Deodorant Spray (8oz.)

All Natural Deodorant Spray (8oz.)

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Hypoallergenic Deodorant by Bliss Body & Barre is an antiperspirant with no parabens or dyes.

Entiere Allspice Deodorant contains Allspice extract found in the leaves of Pimenta Dioica, a tree, which grows in the Peten region, a threatened area in northern Guatemala. It is a heavy foliaged fruit-bearing tree whose seeds hang in clusters from its leafy branches. Allspice can be traced to the ancient Mayans who used the oil for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. 

The Allspice found in our deodorant imparts a fragrant conditioning characteristic which enhances odor fighting ingredients and protects the skin from the drying effects associated with deodorants.

Entiere Rain Forest Preparations create economic alternatives to deforestation by marketing fine quality personal care products, created from ingredients harvested with sustaining care from the world’s most threatened rain forests. 

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